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Operating mode

Spoutnic NAV is dedicated to broilers.

Its mission is twofold: to stimulate the movement of the birds and to aerate the litter.

Spoutnic NAV is equipped with an indoor navigation system allowing it to move with precision according to a self-generated route or chosen by the breeder.

The indoor navigation system requires the installation of beacons. This wired installation can be carried out by your installer or by TIBOT technologies. The installer enters the building dimensions, the equipment and beacons' position with the controller. Optimized paths are then self-generated and saved.

Equipped with a scraper tool adaptable to the state of the bedding, Spoutnic NAV scrapes and aerates the litter in order to limit compaction and humidity which lead to its degradation. In doing so, it reduces pododermatitis and burns of the tarsi and the breastbone.

The scraper aerates the litter without turning it too deeply to avoid bringing pathogens to the surface. The different teeth allow the tool to be adapted according to the type of litter (chips, crushed straw, miscanthus, rice husks, etc.) and its evolution. The scrappers' height is adjustable with the controller.

The battery is rechargeable on a mains socket allowing the robot to work up to 10 hours a day. Spoutnic NAV can also be recharged automatically at a station (optional).

Technical Data


Indoor navigation according to a self-generated or programmed path


Tool up : 63 x 58 x 27 cm / 25 x 23 x 11 in.  - Tool down : 63 x 67 x 19 cm / 25 x 26 x 7.5 in.


18 kg / 39 lb


Customisable -visual, sound, mechanical


Self-recharging on the charging base (available in 2020)


Flexible & modular scrapper suited to the bedding conditions


10 hours of autonomy, lithium battery


4-wheel drive for any type of litter


 Stimuli settings, hourly programming


Water-, dust-, ammonia-resistant. GPS beacons resistant to decontamination operations (IP68K)


Hubbard teste Spoutnic : 30% de cochage et 5 points de fertilité en plus


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