Spoutnic - Technical data

Operating mode

Spoutnic is the first born of our product range. Its mission is to move your birds and reduce the floor-egg rate. You are more at peace regarding the start and success of each flock.

Spoutnic is plug & play. It starts with three buttons and do not requires any technical installation. And yet, it adapts to your operaion whether you are in commercial turkeys, broiler breeders or layers thanks to its customization controller!

Spoutnic moves randomly and independently on any type of litter.

Weighing 12 kg, you can transport it from one floor to another. It is easy to clean and is designed to resist disinfectants.

Its compact size (56cm x 63cm x 18cm) also allows it to go under the feeding lines. If it encounters an obstacle (wall, nest box, hopper base, dead hen, etc.), it detects it and performs a bypass maneuver.

The battery is rechargeable on a standard outlet allowing the robot to work up to 10 hours a day. In total, its 6 speeds allow it to adapt to batches (species, strain, etc.). The maneuver angles are adaptable to your barn. Spoutnic is waterproof against ammonia, dust and water.

Data Sheet

Operating Mode

Moves randomly. Obstacle detection and avoidance.


6 speeds (adaptation to flock’s training phase)


63 x 58 x 19 cm / 25 x 23 x 7.5 in. Compact size to move under feeding chains.


10-12h battery life (lithium)


12 kg / 27 lb


Sound, lights and mechanical stimuli


4-wheel drive for work on uneven litter

Customization Controller

Stimuli settings, hourly programming, turning angles adjustments, software updates

Light Indicators

Battery level and maintenance


Water -, dust-, ammonia resistant (no high pressure cleaning)

Optional customizable accessories


Hubbard teste Spoutnic : 30% de cochage et 5 points de fertilité en plus


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