Commercial turkeys

Proven results in commercial turkeys farming

  • FCR: -0.079
  • Average Daily Gain: +7.1 gr
  • Condemnation Rate: -1,3%
  • ROI in 2 to 3 flocks

Save time & money, while improving your birds welfare

Less strenuous work

  • Divide in half the time spent circulating the barn
  • Free up time for higher value tasks

Improved technical performance

  • Increase in ADG
  • Decrease in FCR
  • Lower condemnation rate
  • Better flock uniformity

Improved animal welfare

  • Less stress & agressivity
  • Decrease in bird diseases (pododermatittes, breast blisters)
  • Environmental enrichment
Spoutnic en Dinde

What will a Spoutnic robot do for you?

Without stimulation, turkeys tend to inertia.

As a poultry professional, you are looking for solutions to get your birds moving, improve their weight gain and reduce pecking which impact your farm profitability.

You are more and more scrutenized and penalized based on animal welfare criterias (pecking, enrichment of the environment, etc ...).Stimulating the natural activity of the birds becomes more and more important in the specifications.

Spoutnic assists you 7/7 within the barn and helps the natural activity of the turkeys to increase their weight gain.

It saves you time and improves your working conditions.


Hubbard teste Spoutnic : 30% de cochage et 5 points de fertilité en plus


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