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Our history

In 2015, Mr. and Mrs Savary, breeders of reproductive hens in Mayenne (France), requested Cimtech, a mechatronic engineering firm, to estimate the feasibility of developing a robot which can bring more comfort in their daily work.

One of their major problems concerns the eggs laid on the ground, made known and recognized by the profession which has, at the moment, only manual solutions with strong hardness to solve it. Then, a feasibility study was realized with the key players of the sector to confirm the initial need. Tibot company born from this partnership, which allies agriculture and new technologies.

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Our ambitions

Our target is to make accessible the use of the robotics technologies to the poultry sector.

At first, we develop, in narrow relation with the breeders, the TiOne, an autonomous robot of assistance to the poultry farmers.

A single objective guides us: develop useful, accessible and easy to use tools, and answering the problems of the breeders everyday life. All these products will have to answer our values:

  • - Useful and accessible,
  • - Improve the work of the breeder,
  • - Environment-friendly,
  • - Respectful of the animal well-being.

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TiOne robot

TiOne robot, revolution within the environment poultry and rewarded for a distinction Innov' Space 3 stars, is exclusively presented during SPACE 2016 show.

TiOne, assisting robot, was designed to answer three major axes, for better technic and economic achievement :

  • - Reduce the hardness of the breeder on a strong problem of eggs to the ground by forwarding the hens of the zone of litter to nests to release a precious time to the breeders,
  • - Improve the animal well-being by fighting against the phenomenon of crusting of the litter which stresses the risks of contamination in the nest and animal dermatitis,
  • - To bring a better competitiveness to the breeding by a decrease of the number of eggs on the ground, an better fertility.

It integrates as well a process of precision indoor geo-localization that allows the management of the batch of hens by using predefined trajectories. It also incorporates sensors of detection of obstacles and measure of environmental parameters: temperature, pressure, luminosity, etc. …

Initially designed for specific branch "hens, chicks, chickens ", the incoming evolutions allow us to envisage a wider opening to the whole poultry sector.

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TiOne robot


TiOne data sheet

Wheels: 4 driving, cross-country wheels
System: Indoor geo-localization navigation
Motorization: 4 electric engines
Width: 50 cm
Length: 45 cm
Height: 18 cm
Supported weight: 8 kg
Speed: 4 kph
Autonomy: 8 hours (lithium-ion battery)
Slope: Until 20%
Accessories: Claws, sensors, camera

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• From 13 till 16/06/2016

During all the SPACE show, you can discover TiOne robot and his team on the AGRETIC stand - Hall 4 - Stand B61 within the framework of its program of valuation of the crossing between the agricultural sectors and the ICTS. Demonstrations will take place throughout the day and the managers of the company will be at your disposal to answer all your questions.

Please note: meeting on Thursday, September 15th from 2 pm till 3:30 pm, Mr. Savary and Mr. Planquette will intervene during the conference "The well-being breeder by new technologies of the digital technology " led by AGRETIC.

• 05/07/2016

Find us on our stand during the technical day of agricultural mechanization, which will take place in the Cormiers station.

Please note: meeting at about 10:30 am, Benoît Savary and Lionel Planquette will present their project during the conference on the crossing of the sectors.

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