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Our history

In 2015, Mr and Ms Savary, reproductive poultry farmers in Mayenne (France), called upon Cimtech, a mechatronics engineering office, to estimate the feasibility of a robot that could help improve the comfort of their daily work.

One of the biggest problems they faced was ground laying eggs, a known problem in the profession that has, up till now, only been solved with intensive and demanding manual labour. Starting from this observation, a feasibility study was conducted, the main actors of the sector being asked to validate the primary and secondary needs, along with the technical constraints to consider. From these discussions was born Tibot, a company that allies knowledge of the Poutry farming sector and new technologies.


Our ambitions

We want to make accessible the use of robotic solutions by the poultry industry in order to make farmers’ job easier.

We are developing a close relationship with the users of our products, a line of autonomous robots for poultry farming.

Our aim is to develop tools that are useful, accessible and simple to use, and answer the farmer’s everyday problems. All products will have to match our values:

  • - Ease of use,
  • - Improvement to farmers' working comfort,
  • - Respect of the environment,
  • - Respect of animal wellbeing.



A solution to ground laying eggs

Our robot, a revolution in the poultry farming sector, was rewarded by a 3 stars Innov'Space prize during the 2016 SPACE 2016. It was designed to bring major benefits in:

  • - Guiding the chickens from the litter zone to the nests will reduce strain on farmers caused by the ground laying problem and create free time for the farmer to use on added value tasks,
  • - Improving farms ’competitiveness by lowering the number of eggs laid on the litter and increasing fertility.

The robot will move autonomously inside the herding space. It is equipped with collision captors and will steer around obstacles. Different means (flashing lights and sound signals) encourage hens to move around while preventing habituation effect, without negatively impacting hens’ behavior. The battery allows for 8 hours of autonomy. The robot is resistant to water, dust and ammonia. A user interface allows to select one of three speeds.

Initially developed for the specific hens and chickens branch, future evolutions indicate a potential larger use across the entire poultry sector.



Assistant robot


Technical file

Wheels: 4x4 driving wheels
Motorization: 4 long life brushless engines
Width: 60 cm (23 in)
Length: 48 cm (19 in)
Height: 18 cm (7 in)
Supported weight: 10 kg (22 lbs)
Speed: 3 selectable speeds: slow, medium, fast
Autonomy: 8 hours (Ion-Lithium Battery)
Slope: Up to 20%




Since January, Tibot’s robot spends 6 hours a day patrolling a poultry farm. The results of this experimentation was presented at the Digital Farms event, organized by the Regional Agricultural Chamber, to the 450 visitors of the day. In spite of a difficult breed of hens, ground laying eggs went down from 34% to 11 % in just 2 weeks! And the farmer walked through the hens barn twice less. There is an immediate impact on the technical and economic performance of the farm. Improvement in the farmer’s work confort is much appreciated !

• 07/05/2016

Find us on our stand during the technical day of agricultural mechanization, which will take place in the Cormiers station.

Please note: meeting at about 10:30 am, Benoît Savary and Lionel Planquette will present their project during the conference on the crossing of the sectors.

• From 06/13 till 06/16/2016

During all the SPACE show, you can discover the assistant robot and his team on the AGRETIC stand - Hall 4 - Stand B61 within the framework of its program of valuation of the crossing between the agricultural sectors and the ICTS. Demonstrations will take place throughout the day and the managers of the company will be at your disposal to answer all your questions.

Please note: meeting on Thursday, September 15th from 2 pm till 3:30 pm, Mr. Savary and Mr. Planquette will intervene during the conference "The well-being breeder by new technologies of the digital technology " led by AGRETIC.


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